Monday, December 28, 2009

My first entry

I am starting this blog to keep a record of the things I learn about living gluten free in Lake County, Illinois. I know there are a bunch of national chain restaurants with gluten free menus but I am constantly hearing about other gluten free options that are not publicized. And if I am searching for those options then I know that you are, too!

So, I am using this blog to keep a published and searchable record of what I find. I will give you all the details as I learn about them and maybe you will have some great recommendations for me, as well.


  1. What a great resource! Looking forward to more posts.

  2. My nephew is gluten intolerant and is visiting us in Deerfield and while I was pretty sure Walker Brothers made GF pancakes it was great to learn that they could and would do eggs as well (he really likes eggs) and that you could have the add-ons like bacon and blueberry pancakes, as well information on several other great places we can take him.


Please leave me a message letting me know you were here. If you have a great suggestion for GF dining let me know that, also.