Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gluten free Red Robin

I cannot believe that we have not been here sooner! The Red Robin chain has multiple special needs menus- free of dairy, eggs, nuts, and others. And for us, a wheat/gluten allergy menu. We ate twice at the restaurant in Lincolnshire and both times the hostess immediately pulled out the special menus for us. Our servers each time knew how to modify our orders and I did not need to repeat for them the special directions noted on the GF menu.

French fries are a big issue for us- what 2 year old does not like french fries?? Red Robin has a dedicated fryer and the fries themselves are gf. They do have a seasoning that goes after frying that must be avoided. BUT here's the warning- the menu notes that some Red Robin's may use the fryer for non-GF items so you may need to check with your particular location. I brought a bun for my son and he so happy with his cheeseburger and fries. I had my burger "protein style" which means that it was wrapped in some oversized wedges of iceberg and then rolled up in wax paper to make eating it easier. I liked the protein style better that using a Schar's bun and with the paper wrapper it was very easy to eat.

The menu does not include any gf dessert options but I did review the ingredients in the vanilla ice cream and we did opt to order an ice cream sundae (ice cream, syrup, whipped cream).

Also included on the gf menu are a few salads (although you lose a lot of integral ingredients), chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, salmon, various side dishes including french fries. If you sign up online for the frequent diner program they will send you a coupon to use at your first visit.

The only Lake County location is in Lincolnshire although there are a bunch of other sites throughout Chicagoland.

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