Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gluten free eats at Walker Brothers Original Pancake House

Walker Brothers is one of my very favorite restaurants. I had regrets that I would be unable to take my son there to eat after his celiac diagnosis. A few weeks back during a GF cooking class I heard a classmate mention the GF pancakes at Walker Brothers! I was surprised and so happy!

I called the Walker Brothers in Lincolnshire to ask about the pancakes and safe cooking practices. It actually took me 3 phone calls to get all the information I was seeking. I learned that each Walker Brothers has an allergy book listing relevant information for various food intolerances.

Each of the restaurants does now offer GF pancakes, prepared to order. Walker Brothers is using a Bob's Red Mill mix that the company has modified to create a flavor profile most similar to the traditional pancakes. 6 pancakes cost $6.95 with an additional cost to add in blueberries, bananas, pecans, and bacon. The kitchen cooks GF in a dedicated area using specific utensils to avoid cross-contamination. Additionally, the kitchen can prepare the GF egg dishes and omelettes using safe cooking practices. For the breakfast meats, the bacon gets cooked as normal but in the GF area. Careful when ordering sausage, however, as normal practice is to coat the sausage in flour prior to cooking. The sausage can be prepared GF when asked, but obviously make sure to be very clear about this.

We've had 2 visits to Walker Brothers and the pancakes are great! They are light and fluffy and obviously fresh. Color-wise they are similar to the traditional pancakes. In a side-by-side comparison I did find that the GF pancakes were actually fluffier. And for my son, he can order a GF smiley-face pancake.

I just don't understand why Walker Brothers does not put up huge signs or advertise the GF options more. The only information in the actual restaurant is a card propped up on each table. I hope that this post will help lead more people to a safe meal at Walker Brothers.

There are multiple locations; 3 in Lake County- Highland Park, Lake Zurich, and Lincolnshire.

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  1. Yay!!! Can't wait to read you post about our dinner tonight!


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