Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gluten free Wildfire Lincolnshire

My husband and I had a date night on New Years Eve. Just us, no kids. We wanted to go somewhere nice and we had heard that Wildfire handles gluten free dining really well. On the whole we had a great dinner and our server was very helpful.

First off, however, my husband did mention when he made the reservation that I would be dining gluten free and that did not get noted in the reservation log. And our server did not get that information until we declined the loaf of bread that she brought to the table. I've noticed that some restaurants note special diet issues upon reservation and I really like that attention to detail.

The GF menu is extensive- 6 appetizers, 6 salads, pizza, 2 sandwiches (served with a gf bun!), 20 entrees, 6 sides, 3 desserts, 1 beer. Although the GF menu (strangely) does not detail each item. The regular dinner menu offers explanations of each dish that the GF menu does not. I bet this is an oversight- Wildfire really provided a delicious and safe dinner- but shouldn't my menu give me the same information that the regular menu provides?

We had fresh, hot bread at our table! On-site homemade rolls! These are the same rolls offered up as a bun for sandwiches. They taste more like a biscuit. Light and fluffy. There was a back taste of tapioca flour, unfortunately, but that is so hard to avoid. We learned that these rolls used to be purchased from a local bakery but now are made on-site. And the recipe is not given out.

We ordered the oven baked goat cheese appetizer. It was served with a pita-chip like product that is also used for the pizza crust. I love goat cheese and found the pitas to be just perfect for scooping.

I ordered a fillet crusted with straight blue cheese. Unfortunately the steak crusts all contain breadcrumbs so are off limits but my server offered to put plain blue cheese on my fillet and that was a great idea! There was so much blue cheese I could not finish it all. I chose the au gratin potatoes for a side dish and they also were great- creamy and rich.

And the chocolate cake sounded really delicious but neither my husband nor I had saved room. Maybe next time.

The things I liked the best about eating gf at Wildfire: the comprehensive menu that addressed all parts of a normal meal, the warm and fresh bread, our knowledgeable server who took time to answer all our questions about gf eating.

This was a pricey dinner but worth it for a special treat. A great option for a safe gf meal. 5 locations in Illinois with only 1 of those being in Lake County.

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  1. I've always thought that blue cheese wasn't gluten free. And never really thought about it after that - but I checked after reading your article and found this....

    Looks like most of them are safe! Glad to know (and now I won't be so crazy when I go to a restaurant for my husband - thank you!)


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