Monday, June 28, 2010

Gltuen Free dining at THE MELTING POT

The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant chain recently introduced a gluten free menu nationwide. Fondue seems like something that can easily be made gluten free... skipping bread dipped into the cheese and pound cake dipped into the chocolate.

My girlfriend and I had dinner at the Buffalo Grove location. I was promptly given a GF menu upon request and the server had been obviously educated about the differences and precautions in serving food gluten free. Although, the GF menu had no prices!! How can a restaurant possible justify giving me a menu without prices!?!?!

While preparing our cheese fondue for us, our server explained the different steps he had taken to keep ours gluten free. After asking if it was OK, he did bring my girlfriend out some bread on a separate plate- and brought her a spoon to drizzle the cheese onto her bread. We next enjoyed the entree fondue and we were able to choose from many cooking styles and there were plenty of gluten free sauces for dipping. Very little modification was needed.

Lastly, we enjoyed some chocolate fondue. We enjoyed all the juicy, fresh fruit and I brought my own brownies with for dipping (YUM!). Our server again brought out extra goodies on a separate plate for my friend along with her own drizzling spoon.

It was a nice dinner-- the Melting Pot is slow eating, quiet, a great place to spend 2 hours chatting with a good friend. The GF menu also included a drink list- since I am not a drinker I don't know much about which alcohols are safe to drink and found some interesting reading. And a very delicious looking chocolate martini is right on the GF menu.

Before you go - check the website and join club fondue-- you will get a free chocolate dessert and some great coupons and offers will be sent to you. That's right- free chocolate!!

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  1. I was just at Egg Harbor Cafe in Barrington and they have a gluten free menu!


Please leave me a message letting me know you were here. If you have a great suggestion for GF dining let me know that, also.