Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gluten free dining at STARVED ROCK LODGE in Utica, IL

I'm venturing far out of Lake County in this one...

We visited Starved Rock State Park last weekend and we stayed at the Lodge located within the state park. I had sent an email through the lodge website asking if there is any GF dining options and I was so happy to hear back from Kimberly, the dining room manager. I can't give you her email because it includes her last name and I don't feel right sharing it, but her phone number is: 815-220-7372.

Kimberly assured me, over the course of about 12 emails, that the dining room at the lodge could definitely accommodate us. She discussed menu options with me, offered to make us gf pancakes for breakfast, and even ordered us some gluten free ice cream. It's funny that she asked me to bring in a new package of pancake mix for the chef to prepare... I showed up with my bag of Pamela's only to discover that Chef Charlie (another wonderfully helpful person) had a bag stashed in his kitchen. Chef Charlie even made us special french fries! The fryer is used for breaded items so was off limits to us-- Chef Charlie sliced us up some fresh potatoes and-- we were eating french fries!

And here's something else demonstrating the need for GF dining options. A woman approached our table during breakfast to ask about ordering gf pancakes. She had noticed us at dinner with our box of Glutino breadsticks... She introduced herself as Maria, said she also has celiac disease, and that she had no idea she could order gf pancakes. She told me about her restaurant in Peoria where she has many gf options. And, in case you are in Peoria, here is a link to find her.(

I hope that this post helps someone find a wonderful weekend away in Starved Rock. The lodge is old and the rooms very basic, but the hiking is fabulous and there is safe food... How wonderful! It is through sharing and networking that we can uncover all these hidden possibilities...

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Please leave me a message letting me know you were here. If you have a great suggestion for GF dining let me know that, also.