Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gluten free dining at P.F. Chang's China Bistro

P.F. Chang's has a newly expanded gluten free menu. We tried it for dinner with the kids. We ate at the Northbrook location, which is on the south side of Lake Cook Road, so not quite in Lake County. The menu was large- 27 items and 1 dessert. The GF menu did contain prices, which I find to be very respectful to the GF diner. I did compare the prices to the regular menu and there was about an $0.50 markup on the GF items. Some of the items are further designated as vegetarian. There was a large range- chicken, beef, and seafood. We ordered GF Mongolian Beef, GF Philip's Better Lemon Chicken, GF Singapore Street Noodles, GF spinach with garlic, and GF chocolate dome dessert.

Upon being seated we immediately identified ourselves as GF diners to our waiter. He had brought us a condiment tray and so he took the soy sauce away, leaving us a tray obviously minus one bottle. It would have been really nice had he brought us a container of gf soy sauce to have tableside.

The food was good. The mongolian beef was caramelized and tender, the noodles were saucy with ample shrimp, and the chicken was very fresh. A warning on the lemon chicken, however-- it was very lemony! And the broccoli served with the dish was either raw or very significantly undercooked.

The chocolate dome dessert is the same item as on the regular menu- it was very dense and rich. How nice to be able to order a dessert when dining out. You can see the GF menu here

Finally, if you are going, register for a Warrior Card (http://www.pfchangs.com/warriorcard/) to get 10% of your bill every time you dine at P.F. Chang's for all of 2010. What a great savings!

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