Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gluten free Uno's at WI Dells

We had dinner last month at the Pizzeria Uno's in the Dells. We knew there is a GF menu and that we could enjoy a safe pizza dinner. I had not seen the GF menu before but on a previous post about gf Dells dining I did get a comment about great customer service so we felt confident in going.

We were initially impressed by the size of the gf menu and that it included dessert items. Although we were puzzled and offended that the menu did not contain any prices. We asked our server about this and she said she would ask but then she did not give us a response. I emailed customer service upon my return home and received the following answer from Barbara Rutman:

Our prices vary slightly from area to area but do follow the prices on our regular menu. If the item is a chicken item and it is also a gluten-free item, then it is the same price.

It does not make sense to me that I should have to negotiate through 2 menus to determine the price of an item I want to order. I wish Uno's would give gluten free diners the respect of a priced menu.

My kids loved the pizza. My husband and I thought it was just OK; maybe that is because we know how good the gluten-pizza is. I had a bowl of black bean soup and it was hearty and warm- just what I was looking for an a cold and snowy night. We are glad to know about this option for future travels.

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